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APILayer and Pieces Launch API Partnership

11 May, 2022

CINCINNATI, OHIO, USA – March 03, 2022 – APILayer, owned by Austin-based B2B software company Idera. Inc., today announced a joint go-to-market partnership with Pieces to bring developers access to a suite of Technical Language Processing APIs powered by Pieces's Runtime platform. The first API launched as part of this partnership is a Code Detection API for developers with applications that have text input fields as well as teams working on AI, Machine Learning, Data and Analytics solutions. This microservice joins APILayer's 65+ product offerings which include APIs in finance, Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing.

The Code Detection API identifies whether a given string of text is in fact code, and if so, returns data such as its language, related tags and a preprocessed version of the string. The API is powered by in-house machine learning models developed by Pieces that continuously improve as usage of the API increases.

The API will be broadly applicable to:

  • Application Developers building publishing, chat/messaging, productivity, design and lightweight coding apps who want to intelligently format, render and tag text that is determined to be code in the way that a user would expect code to be rendered.
  • AI, Machine Learning, Data and Analytics teams who want to parse, label, enrich and organize massive data pipelines where code is interspersed with natural language.

Tsavo Knott, Co-Founder and CEO of Pieces, said: "We all know software is eating the world, and as a result, the volume of code in the world is growing exponentially. While Natural Language Processing has been around for years, there aren't really APIs that process what we call "Technical Language" or code. Pieces is thrilled to be the pioneer in Technical Language Processing (TLP) APIs, and Code Detection is the first of many powerful APIs we'll roll out for developers and AI/ML teams through our platform. We couldn't ask for a better partner and expert in APIs than the APILayer team."

According to John Burr, GM of APILayer, "We are incredibly excited to partner with Pieces to bring innovative, first-of-their-kind APIs like the Code Detection API to our customers. There is so much code being written, shared and discussed in apps, and applications simply haven't been able to adapt to deal with the code appropriate in rendering, search and sharing. This is just the beginning of an entirely new class of APIs that APILayer and Pieces will bring to market to upgrade user experiences for our customers."

To learn more about the Code Detection API or to get started, visit

About Pieces

Pieces is the world's first platform for file fragments, unlocking the ability for creators to save, find and precisely share smaller, more atomic pieces of their work. The company's first application is a productivity tool for developers to save code snippets, screenshots and URLs inside their code editor or Chrome. Pieces also offers a suite of Technical Language Processing (TLP) APIs for app developers and AI/Machine Learning teams through its platform. To learn more, visit:

About Idera, Inc.

APILayer is owned by Idera, Inc, a company that delivers B2B software productivity tools that enable technical users to do more with less, faster. Idera, Inc. brands span three divisions—Data Tools, Developer Tools, and DevOps Tools—with products evangelized by millions of community members and more than 50,000 customers worldwide, including some of the world's largest health care, financial services, retail, and technology companies. To learn more, visit:

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