Tax Data API

Tax Data API

Instant VAT number and tax validation across the globe.

Response example. If you want to see more check the documentation.

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Tax Data API is a REST API that is able to validate VAT numbers, provide information for the tax rates per single country or all countries based on country code or IP address, and to convert prices according to the tax rates and the type of the product, Tax Data API validates VAT numbers in 38 countries and retrieves tax information for over 130 countries across the globe.

Request the API to perform a country-specific & VAT compliant price calculation on your behalf. It is a simple and secure API that delivers results in light JSON format and is secured via 256-bit HTTPS encryption. Prettyprint your JSON response, make use of JSONP Callbacks, Access-Control headers, and much more.

Example Request

  curl --request GET '' \
  --header 'apikey: YOUR API KEY'

Example Response

  "address": "Untere Donaustraße 13-15, AT-1020 Wien",
  "countryCode": "AT",
  "format_valid": true,
  "name": "apilayer Data Products GmbH",
  "requestDate": "2022-06-20 15:54:09",
  "valid": true,
  "vat_number": "U75488713"