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All APIs are built by APILayer team, independent software developers and corporates. Each API clearly states the provider's name and logo at their corresonding API description page.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade anytime you want. We are not asking for any long-term commitments. You can also cancel your API subscription anytime you desire.

The plans currently offered for any API are carefully selected to provide the best performance measures possible. If you need larger setups we can provide dedicated instances for you.

Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

We would be happy to review your API. Please fill in the form at and we will get in touch.


We use industry standard non-reversable hashing algorithms in order to store passwords.

Anybody working for APILayer as well as any third parties aren't capable of seeing your credentials.

You can have a look at our privacy statement and terms of service anytime you desire. If you are a registered user, we'll keep you informed if there are any changes with our privacy statement. We are an established business in European Union (Austria), so regulations apply for our business. We are GDPR compliant and always respect your privacy. If you any questions or comments please fill out the form here

You can unsubscribe from newsletters from the unsubscribe button that is below each e-mail. Moreover, there is a subscription management feature at the Accounts section. You can update your communication preferences anytime.

Account & settings

You can update your password anytime at the Account management section.

We are sad to see that you've decided to do so. Just drop us an e-mail at [email protected] and we'll delete your account and all traces.

You can reset your password from our password recovery page. If you think your credentials are stolen, just drop us a support ticket.

API key is your unique identifier that needs to be provided each time you make a new API request. If API KEY is absent or invalid you'll get an "unauthorized" response.

Your API key is available at the Account Management page. You can reset your API key anytime you desire.

Each subscription has daily and monthly rate limits associated with it. If you reach that limits the API will start returning "API rate limit exceeded" error.

Each API request returns a ""rate limit remaining"" header value with each response. You can programmatically check if you need to subscribe to a larger plan or not accordingly.

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