Subscribing to an API plan

How to subscribe to a plan. Choose the best subscription plan that matches with your application needs and start using your API immediately.

First of all, go to API Marketplace and search for the API you would like to use/test.

Before starting to use any API, you need to subscribe to it first.

API Detail Page


Once you clicked the "Subscribe" button, you will see the API's plan page. All our APIs have a free plan -unless otherwise stated- so that you can test the waters as you like.

API Subscription Plans

When you choose your plan, you will come to the "Billing Page."



Once you reviewed the Terms of Use, click the "I accept the APILayer Terms of Use" and fill in the billing information and the "Complete Order" button.


All is good, now click to the "See API Documentation" and return to the API page. From there, you can use the "Live Demo" feature, where you can use the API from your browser.

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