Real-time current and historical foreign exchange & crypto rates data solution.
    "success": true,
    "terms": "",
    "privacy": "",
    "timestamp": 1430068515,
    "source": "USD",
    "quotes": {
        "USDAUD": 1.278384,
        "USDCHF": 0.953975,
        "USDEUR": 0.919677,
        "USDGBP": 0.658443,
        "USDPLN": 3.713873

Response example. If you want to see more check the documentation.

Exchangerate API provides a simple REST API with real-time and historical exchange rates for 168 world currencies, delivering currency pairs in universally usable JSON format - compatible with any of your applications. Spot exchange rate data is retrieved from several major forex data providers in real-time, validated, processed and delivered hourly, every 10 minutes, or even within the 60-second market window. Providing the most representative forex market value available ("midpoint" value) for every API request, the exchangerate API powers currency converters, mobile applications, financial software components, and back-office systems all around the world.