Spoonacular API

Spoonacular API

The spoonacular Nutrition, Recipe, and Food API allows you to access over 365,000 recipes and 86,000 food products.

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Our knowledge engineers spent years crafting our complex food ontology, which allows us to understand the relationships between ingredients, recipes, nutrition, allergens, and more.

We understand "nut free" muffins can't contain pecans (even if the recipe doesn't mention "nuts" anywhere!) and we automatically determine that a recipe with Worcestershire sauce isn't vegetarian (we're looking at you, anchovies.)

Special Diets/Intolerances

We automatically analyze recipes to check for ingredients that contain common allergens, such as wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, nuts, etc. We also determine whether a recipe is vegan, vegetarian, Paleo friendly, Whole30 compliant, and more.

Nutritional Information

We compute the nutritional information for recipes automatically using a proprietary algorithm. With this information, you can find individual recipes or even create entire meal plans that satisfy your users' dietary goals.

Search & Organize

We make it easy to add a recipe search to your app or website - and not just any recipe search. Our semantic search is fast, accurate, and pretty darn smart. "Gluten free nut free dessert without apples"? Easy as pie. Or create your own recipe manager without making your users create tons of tags to find what they're looking for next time. It's all possible.

Have your own recipe database? Great! Let us help you get it under control. With our API, your users will be able to find the recipes they want.

Plan your meals

Let your users plan their meals for the week using recipes or even your own brand of packaged foods. The daily nutritional information is calculated automatically.

Get your shopping list

Once your users are done meal planning, they can get their shopping list in a click of the mouse.

Shoppable Recipes

Finally! An all-in-one solution for cooking at home. Your users can pick their recipes and order all the ingredients from an online grocer to have everything delivered or ready for pickup.

Display recipes to inspire visitors when they browse your own packaged foods (whether dips, sauces, pickles, wraps, you name it!) Show them what they can make, and they'll be more likely to purchase.

Something else in mind?

We are more than just a recipe API. We provide solutions to make any food-related vision a reality.

  • find recipes to use ingredients you already have ("what's in your fridge" search)
  • find recipes based on nutritional requirements
  • extract recipes from any website
  • classify a recipe's type or cuisine
  • generate an entire meal plan
  • generate shopping lists
  • UPC lookup of American grocery products
  • detect food in text (NER)
  • food trivia and jokes
  • create a chatbot

2,600+ Ingredients

  • nutrition data
  • price data
  • cooking tips
  • health information
  • substitutions
  • conversions
  • mapping to products

5,000+ Recipes

  • nutrition analysis
  • cost breakdown
  • cooking tips
  • related recipes
  • scaling/converting
  • semantic search
  • wine pairings
  • shoppable content

600K+ Products

  • ingredient analysis
  • nutrition data
  • nutrition visualization
  • descriptions
  • product comparison
  • product search

115K+ Menu Items

  • over 800 American restaurant chains
  • nutrition data
  • nutrition visualization
  • images
  • descriptions
  • menu search
Our ingredient data is based primarily on the USDA database. For ingredients missing from their data, we have researched the nutritional information manually.
You can check the status and uptime of the API here: https://status.spoonacular.com
You may cache user-requested data to improve performance (for a maximum of 1 hour). After 1 hour, you must delete your cache and refresh the data via the spoonacular API. If you stop using the spoonacular API or if your access to the API is suspended for any reason, then you must delete all data you ever obtained from the spoonacular API.