Face Pixelizer API

Face Pixelizer API

Applies computer vision methods called face blurring and pixelization to anonymize faces in images.

Response example. If you want to see more check the documentation.

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What is face pixelization/blurring?

Face blurring is a computer vision method used to anonymize faces in images. Once this technique is applied, the face is blurred, and the identity of the person is indiscernible. We use face blurring to help protect the identity of a person in an image.

Practical applications of face blurring and anonymization include:

  • Privacy and identity protection in public/private areas
  • Protecting children online (i.e., blur faces of minors in uploaded photos)
  • Photo journalism and news reporting
  • Dataset curation and distribution

and more!

What this API does...

Face pixelization API performs deep neural network module with Caffe models and detects the faces with a confidence score on the given image. Once this step is completed, it extracts the region of interest (ROI) from the image and then applies the pixelization filter on the ROI and returns the modified image as a binary output.

For example the following image is taken as an input.

Face Pixelizer API - Before Pixelization

And the following image is returned from the API after the pixelization/blurring process.

Face Pixelizer API - After Pixelization

All this functionality can be achieved by just a few lines of code on your side. cURL request is as follows:

Face Pixelizer API Code Sample

If no face is detected in the image, no error will be thrown. It will silently return the image as it was provided.

Image credit; © Daniele Romeo Photographer To buy a print of this image please visit danromeo.photography/product/young-deep-eyes/