Image to Text API

Image to Text API

Recognizes and reads the text embedded in images.
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Image to Text API uses a neural net (LSTM) based OCR engine which is focused on line recognition, but also supports recognizing the character patterns. It supports both handwriting and printed materials.


Looking at the following business card, it will extract the text information easily, even though the business card is positioned with angle.

Business Card

The API can be triggered with this few lines of cURL command

curl --request GET \
--url ' PATH' \
--header 'apikey: YOUR API KEY'

The output is JSON data with all the text extracted and even the language is auto detected,

"lang": "en", 
"all_text": "TREVOR OWENS\nCreative Director\nINFINITY\nINFINITY LTD\n12 Badgers lane\nBt 54 1234\nT 028 1298 1234\nE [email protected]\nW\n", 
"annotations": ["TREVOR", "OWENS", "Creative", "Director", "INFINITY", "INFINITY", "LTD", "12", "Badgers", "lane", "Bt", "54", "1234", "T", "028", "1298", "1234", "E", "[email protected]", "W", ""]}

The API will also work for handwritings. Even for non-English texts. Check the following example

The response is surprisingly good.

"lang": "fr", 
"all_text": "Les Stdjecifa Brangain Que Je Sain\nLres Marculina: ag\u00e9 beau,blanc,bleu,blond,bon,brun\ner\u00e9atif fort giner\u00e9ia g\u00e9nial,gentil,inbligent,jeune,-\nmarron, m\u00e9chant, aympatique, mime,gros,nois, nouve.\nnelit grand, rouxs\u00e9rieur, morti tmide, et vert.\nLafeminims:ag\u00e9e, leue, belle,blond,bowne,brume,\n\u00e1alive fortie, gin\u00e9reuse g\u00e9niale, gentille, intalligenis\nm\u00e9chante mympatique, mince, gro\npetit\narrante,marron,\nresseuse,p\u00e9nille.\n,grande,rousse,s\u00e9rieus\nNEAT CURSINE VRITING\n", 
"annotations": ["Les", "Stdjecifa", "Brangain", "Que", "Je", "Sain", "Lres", "Marculina:", "ag\u00e9", "beau,blanc,bleu,blond,bon,brun", "er\u00e9atif", "fort", "giner\u00e9ia", "g\u00e9nial,gentil,inbligent,jeune,-", "marron,", "m\u00e9chant,", "aympatique,", "mime,gros,nois,", "nouve.", "nelit", "grand,", "rouxs\u00e9rieur,", "morti", "tmide,", "et", "vert.", "Lafeminims:ag\u00e9e,", "leue,", "belle,blond,bowne,brume,", "\u00e1alive", "fortie,", "gin\u00e9reuse", "g\u00e9niale,", "gentille,", "intalligenis", "m\u00e9chante", "mympatique,", "mince,", "gro", "petit", "arrante,marron,", "resseuse,p\u00e9nille.", ",grande,rousse,s\u00e9rieus", "NEAT", "CURSINE", "VRITING"]}