Minor Detection API

Minor Detection API

Classifies images and detects children, teenagers and babies automatically.

Response example. If you want to see more check the documentation.

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Minor Detection API will classify pictures and returns True if it is able to detect a child, teenager or a baby. This is useful if you run a business that needs heavy moderation of preventing users from posting pictures of minors.

How it works:

If a minor is detected in the image, a confidence score will be calculated for the result and returned. A score of 1 would mean that the content almost certainly contains a minor in it while a score close to 0 would imply that we are not that sure. In most cases, value of 0.5 is safe to go.

For example, the following picture has some children playing around but some of them have their faces covered with hats or looking at other directions. The API is still capable of detecting the kids succesfully, with a high confidence score.

Children Playing

Minor Detection API returns a "Minor Detected:True" flag with a 88% confidence score.

  "confidence_score": 0.8837910890579224,
  "description": "Minor detected",
  "result": true

Where to use it

Minor Detection API is predominantly used by social media and news sites where a massive amount of user generated data needs to be moderated lightning fast. Instead of manually approving all uploaded images or hosting inappropriate images until someone reports, using Minor Detection API helps you prevent any complaints.

It is also preferred by private investigators and forensics teams to track underage people. Whatever your use case is, Minor Detection API will provide you the confidence required to get your job done. Face Pixelizer API which is a bestseller on marketplace works in harmony with Minor Detection API. You can easily pixelize the face of a minor detected by Minor Detection API and ease your moderation.

Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash