Remote Jobs API Feed

Remote Jobs API Feed

This API provides access to the latest remote job listings from a diverse range of industries and companies.
    "friendlyNotice": "...",
    "jobCount": 20,
    "jobs": [
            "id": 12345,
            "url": "",
            "jobTitle": "Senior Marketing Specialist",
            "companyName": "ABC",
            "companyLogo": "",
            "jobIndustry": "Marketing & Sales",
            "jobType": "full-time",
            "jobGeo": "USA",
            "jobLevel": "Senior",
            "jobExcerpt": "We're looking for a marketing ...",
            "jobDescription": "

We're looking for a marketing ...", "pubDate": "2017-04-13T16:11:04", "annualSalaryMin": "85000", "annualSalaryMax": "95000", "salaryCurrency": "USD" } ] }

Response example. If you want to see more check the documentation.

This API provides access to the latest remote job listings from a diverse range of industries and companies. It’s a valuable resource for developers looking to integrate remote job data into their applications, websites, or research projects. Please read the guidelines and instructions below to understand how to effectively use the API.

To retrieve the latest remote job listings, use the following API call:

Query Parameters (optional):
  count - Number of listings to return (default: 50, range: 1-50)  
  geo - Filter by job region (default: all regions) 
  industry - Filter by job category (default: all categories)
  tag - Search by job title and description (default: all jobs)

Predefined query parameters: geo | industries

The API response is structured in JSON format with the following main components:

 "id": Unique Job ID,
 "url": Job link,
 "jobTitle": Job title,
 "companyName": Company name,
 "companyLogo": Company logo link,
 "jobIndustry": Job function (sector),
 "jobType": Job type (full-time, contract, part-time or internship)
 "jobGeo": Geographic restriction for employment (or Anywhere if not applicable), 
 "jobLevel": Seniority level (or Any if not applicable), 
 "jobExcerpt": Excerpt job description (max 55 characters), 
 "jobDescription": Full job description (HTML), 
 "pubDate": Publication date and time (UTC+00:00),
 "annualSalaryMin": Annual min salary (if applicable),
 "annualSalaryMax": Annual max salary (if applicable),
 "salaryCurrency": ISO 4217 salary currency code (if applicable)

API Calls Examples

Get the 20 latest remote jobs with the keyword "Python" from any region:

Get the 15 latest remote jobs from Canada:

Get the 30 latest remote jobs in the Copywriting category from USA:

Get the 10 latest remote jobs in the Customer Support category from any region:

Fair Use:

At Jobicy, we are thankful for your engagement with our Feeds and would like to provide some guidelines to ensure the best use of our resources:

  1. Appreciation for Integration: We are grateful for your incorporation of Jobicy Feeds into your projects.
  2. Primary Purpose of API/RSS Access: Our API/RSS access is primarily intended to facilitate the wider distribution of our job listings.
  3. Distribution Limitations: We request that our job listings not be distributed to external job platforms such as Jooble, Google Jobs, LinkedIn, and others.
  4. Publication Timing: To maintain our position as the original source, our job postings are intentionally published with a 6-hour delay.
  5. Access Frequency: Frequent polling for job data is unnecessary. Accessing the Feed a few times a day is sufficient, as our job information does not change more rapidly than this.
  6. Excessive Querying: Please be aware that excessive querying of our Feed may lead to restricted access.

We may implement restrictive measures and notify you and/or your service provider if:

  • you intentionally overload feeds (please limit feed checks to no more than once per hour);
  • you alter or misrepresent the content of the original response during import;
  • we determine that your actions are interfering with the functionality of our systems. We appreciate your cooperation and adherence to these guidelines to ensure a beneficial partnership.