Cancelling a subscription

You may cancel your subscription to an API anytime. Your paid plan subscription will still be valid until the end of your subscription term.

Once you cancel your subscription one of two things happen:

  • If your subscription is on a free plan, unsubscription will take place immediately.
  • If your subscription is on a paid plan, the subscription would still be usable until the "valid until" date, which is calculated automatically.

To cancel a subscription, navigate to the settings menu -hover to the logo on the upper right-hand side- and click the "Subscriptions" button.

Subscription List

The following screen will list all of your subscriptions.

Subscriptions Page

Subscription Plans

Clicking the "Manage" button will take you to the plans page for the API, here you can upgrade/downgrade and cancel your subscription.

Plans Page


Once the cancellation is made, the valid until the date will be shown in the list and the API detail page.

Subscription List (Canceled Subscription)


API Detail Page

Once again your "valid until" date is shown on the API detail page.

API Detail Page (subscription canceled)

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