IP to Location API

IP to Location API

Locate and identify website visitors' info (latitude, logintude, connection, currency, timezone etc...) by IP address.
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IP to Location API is a REST API which provides the essential data from any IP address in JSON format over HTTPS such as:

  • Country / City / State / Continent
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Local currency
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) lookup
  • Country calling code and Time Zone

See it in Action!

How do I use IP to Location API?

Below is a sample code querying for IP address

curl --location --request \
GET 'https://api.apilayer.com/ip_to_location/' \
--header 'apikey: YOUR API KEY'

Check out the response below

    "ip": "",
    "type": "ipv4",
    "country_code": "BD",
    "country_name": "Bangladesh",
    "region_name": "Dhaka",
    "city": "Dhaka",
    "latitude": 23.7104,
    "longitude": 90.40744,
    "continent_code": "AS",
    "continent_name": "Asia",
    "is_eu": false,
    "connection": {
        "asn": 58715,
        "isp": "Earth Telecommunication ( pvt ) Limited"
    "location": {
        "capital": "Dhaka",
        "native_name": "Bangladesh",
        "flag": "http://assets.apilayer.com/flags/BD.svg",
        "top_level_domains": [
        "calling_codes": [
    "currencies": [
            "name": "Bangladeshi taka",
            "code": "BDT",
            "symbol": "৳"
    "timezones": [

Use cases for IP to Location API

Knowing from where people access you extends your brand’s reach through the market and helps you create a more accurate customer base. You can think of any service to relate with a user’s location information but here are the most popular location-based use cases:

  • For geo-targeting your customers by content personalization
  • For any service that sends location-based push notifications
  • For mapping any social experiences through photos, trips, check-ins etc.
  • For using targeted ads and any other location-based marketing purposes
  • For any kind of services offering solutions for local community needs such as healthcare, municipality, social services, transportation
  • For detecting any abnormal activities within an area worth considering in terms of security concerns
  • For collecting user behavior data on specific purposes such as a new investment for businesses