App Store API

App Store API

Unofficial API to scrape and parse the application data from the iTunes/Mac App Store.

Response example. If you want to see more check the documentation.

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This is one of the best and fastest performing APIs for iTunes/Mac app store data. We do not cache nor store any information on our servers, instead we do things done by scraping the app store in real-time when requested. No need to mention, the result is well-formatted using JSON and you don't need to deal with parsing the results.

This is an unofficial App Store API offering a solution for developers who crave for a gateway for their App Store API calls. It was developed by scraping the App Store web site. Note that it is not affiliated in any way by Apple Inc. or its affiliates.


This API features the following endpoints.

  • /app: Fetches information of any app using app id.
  • /app/ratings: Fetches ratings in total number and as a histogram for any given app
  • /app/reviews: Fetches reviews for any app using pagination
  • /app/similar: Fetches suggested similar items for an app
  • /search: Searches for a term in app store and returns the matching app ids
  • /developer: Fetches the information about a developer
  • /developer/apps: Fetches the list of apps for any given developer
  • /list: Lists all apps in a collection and category
  • /collections: Lists all possible collections
  • /categories: Lists all supported categories
  • /countries: Lists all supported countries